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More on Electric Strikes on Fire Door Assemblies

Recently a question from a code official landed in my inbox - "Can an electric strike on a fire door be operated by a motion sensor?" For example, if a door was often used by people carrying boxes or other large items, could a sensor release the strike so the building occupants could just push on the door rather than turning the lever to exit?

By |2017-07-03T18:01:15-04:00October 7th, 2014|Code Development, Electrified Hardware, Fire Doors|10 Comments

Access to Panic Hardware

I'm sure you've seen panic hardware with some sort of guard or protection above, below, or around the panic. Should the codes define a certain area of free space around the panic hardware, ensuring that the actuating portion is obvious and readily available to someone using the exit? How much clear space is needed?

By |2014-09-19T12:52:04-04:00September 18th, 2014|Code Development, Means of Egress, Panic Hardware|11 Comments
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