Each of the articles below has been published in an industry journal – Doors & Hardware, Construction Specifier, Life Safety Digest, or Locksmith Ledger.  Because the articles span across several years and several editions of the codes, the code adopted in a specific jurisdiction may differ from the requirements described in the articles.

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Intro to Codes
Egress and Life Safety
Electrified Hardware
Fire Door Assemblies
Health Care Facilities
Safety Glazing
School Security


Intro to Codes

Decoded: Small Assembly Occupancies (August 2016)

Decoded: Alternative Methods and Equivalency (June 2016)

Decoded: Safe Dispersal Area Within a Fence or Enclosed Court (April 2016)

Decoded: Calculating the Occupant Load (September 2014)

Decoded: Use Groups and Occupancy Classifications (July 2014)



Decoded: Requirements for Door-Related Signage (February 2017)

Decoded: Screen Doors and Doors in a Series (July 2015)

Doors & Hardware:  6 Accessibility Changes to Watch Out For (November 2014)

Decoded: Fair Housing Act (October 2014)

Construction Specifier: Understanding New Accessibility Requirements for Doors (July 2014)

Decoded: Operable Force for Door Hardware (May 2014)

Decoded: Clear Opening Width and Height (February 2014)

Decoded: Actuators for Low Energy Operators (September 2013)

Decoded: Tactile Warning (June 2013)

Decoded: Mounting Heights for Door Hardware (July 2012)

Decoded: Opening Force and Closing Speed (May 2012)

Decoded: Flush Bottom Rails (April 2012)

Decoded: Auto Operators – Stand-By Power (August 2011)


Egress & Life Safety (refer to separate section below for electrified hardware)

Decoded: Panic Hardware Refresher (May 2017)

Decoded: Flush Bolts and Coordinators (January 2017)

Decoded: Dwelling Unit & Sleeping Unit Entrance Doors (November 2016)

Decoded: Balconies, Terraces, and Courtyards (October 2016)

Decoded: Change to BHMA Standard for Exit Devices (May 2016)

Decoded: Delayed Egress vs. Controlled Egress (November 2015)

Construction Specifier: Understanding Code Requirements for Panic Hardware (September 2015)

Decoded: Egress Terminology (March 2015)

Decoded: Calculating the Egress Width of Door Openings (February 2015)

Locksmith Ledger: Code Implications for Mechanical Hardware (September 2014)

Decoded: Key-Operated Locks (June 2014)

Decoded: Annual Inspection of Egress Doors (April 2014)

Decoded: Panic Hardware on Electrical Rooms (November 2013)

Decoded: Door Swing and Encroachment (January 2013)

Decoded: Roof Access and Egress (November 2011)

Decoded: Luminous Egress Path Markings (October 2011)

Decoded: New Occupant Load Requirements for Panic Hardware (May 2011)

Decoded: Manual Flush Bolts (March 2011)

Decoded: Single Operation Egress (February 2011)


Electrified Hardware

Decoded: Access-Controlled Egress Doors (August 2017)

Decoded: Stairwell Reentry (December 2016)

Decoded: Code Requirements for UL 294 – Standard for Access Control System Units (December 2015)

Decoded: Delayed Egress vs. Controlled Egress (November 2015)

Decoded: Electrified Hardware Refresher (April 2015)

Locksmith Ledger: Fire Doors: The First Line of Defense (January 2015)

Decoded: Elevator Lobby Egress (October 2013)

Locksmith Ledger: Special Egress Locks in I-2 Occupancies (October 2013)

Decoded: Permits for Access Control (March 2013)

Construction Specifier: Code Requirements for Doors with Access Control (March 2013)

Decoded: Doors with Access Control (October 2012)

Decoded: Fail Safe vs. Fail Secure – When and Where? (August 2012)

Decoded: Electric Strikes on Fire Doors (June 2012)

Decoded: IBC – Electromagnetically Locked Egress Doors (March 2012)

Locksmith Ledger: Code Requirements for Electromagnetic Locks (February 2012)

Decoded: Delayed Egress Hardware – Code Comparison (January 2012)

Locksmith Ledger: Decoded: Stairwell Reentry – Myths & Facts (September 2011)

Decoded: Stairwell Reentry – Myths & Facts (September 2011)

Decoded: I-2 Special Egress Locks (January 2011)

Decoded: NFPA 72 on Access Control (December 2010)


Fire Door Assemblies

Decoded: Temperature-Rise Doors (July 2017)

Decoded: Requirements for Door-Related Signage (February 2017)

Decoded: Flush Bolts and Coordinators (January 2017)

Decoded: Dwelling Unit & Sleeping Unit Entrance Doors (November 2016)

Decoded: NFPA 80 Requirements for Hinges (September 2016)

Decoded: Fire-Protection-Rated vs. Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies (March 2016)

Decoded: Communicating Doors Between Sleeping Rooms (February 2016)

Decoded: Smoke Door Requirements of the 2015 International Building Code (January 2016)

Decoded: Fire Door Closing Cycle (September 2015)

Decoded: Alterations to Fire Door Assemblies (December 2014)

The Effect of Oversized Clearances on Fire Door Tests (August 2014)

Life Safety Digest: Multi-Family Fire Door Safety – The Role of Fire Doors (July 2014)

Decoded: Terminated Stops and Door Bottom Seals (March 2014)

Construction Specifier: Fire Doors – Everything you always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) (October 2013)

Decoded: NFPA 80 – 2013 FDAI Changes (August 2013)

Decoded: Fusible Links and Smoke-Actuated Hold-Opens (April 2013)

Locksmith Ledger: Code-Compliant Doors: What to Look For (February 2013)

Decoded: Less Bottom Rod Fire Exit Hardware (September 2012)

Life Safety Digest: Fire Door Inspection – Top 10 Deficiencies (July 2012)

Decoded: Smoke Door Requirements of the International Building Code (February 2012)

Decoded: Opening Protectives (June 2011)

Decoded: Closers on Classroom Doors (April 2011)


Health Care Facilities

Decoded: Changes to the Life Safety Code for Health Care Occupancies (July 2016)

Decoded: Delayed Egress vs. Controlled Egress (November 2015)

Decoded: Patient Room Doors in Health Care Occupancies (August 2015)

Decoded: Double-Egress Pairs in a Health Care Occupancy (June 2015)


Safety Glazing

Construction Specifier: Hazards of Traditional Wired Glass (July 2015)

Breaking Tradition (May 2013)


School Security

Classroom Security AND Classroom Safety – Why Compromise? (June 2017)

Decoded: School Security Update (March 2017)

Barricade Device Update (October 2015)

Barricade Device? Think Twice! (May 2015)



Decoded: Test Your Knowledge (January 2015)

The Palladium – Carmel, Indiana (July 2013)

Decoded: What do you know? (February 2013)

Doors of Morocco (November 2012)