If you need help with a code question, choosing a product, or handling a tricky application, contact an Allegion Code Expert (ACE) in your project’s location:

State Contact Name Email Address
Alabama Michael McGough michael.mcgough@allegion.com
Alaska Joe Cross joe.cross@allegion.com
Arizona Jay Harris jay.harris@allegion.com
Arizona John Hamilton john.hamilton@allegion.com
Arkansas Randall Harness randall.harness@allegion.com
California – Northern Anthony Wan anthony.wan@allegion.com
California – Southern Matthew Ng matthew.ng@allegion.com
Colorado Dan Witt dan.witt@allegion.com
Connecticut Jeff Batick jeff.batick@allegion.com
Delaware Lee Frazier lee.frazier@allegion.com
Florida – North Kent Krauser kent.krauser@allegion.com
Florida – Panhandle Michael McGough michael.mcgough@allegion.com
Florida Mason Stacy mason.stacy@allegion.com
Florida – West Lance Lanciano lance.lanciano@allegion.com
Georgia Michael McGough michael.mcgough@allegion.com
Hawaii Matthew Ng matthew.ng@allegion.com
Idaho Stewart Jensen stewart.jensen@allegion.com
Illinois Gerald Hassebrock gerald.hassebrock@allegion.com
Indiana Patrick Szejna patrick.szejna@allegion.com
Iowa Jason Gehrs jason.gehrs@allegion.com
Kansas Sherri Hobbs sherri.hobbs@allegion.com
Kansas Meaghan McGough meaghan.mcgough@allegion.com
Kentucky Glen Buckner glen.buckner@allegion.com
Louisiana Michael McGough michael.mcgough@allegion.com
Maine Jeff Batick jeff.batick@allegion.com
Maryland Lee Frazier lee.frazier@allegion.com
Massachusetts Jeff Batick jeff.batick@allegion.com
Michigan Keith L Brown keith.l.brown@allegion.com
Minnesota Jerrilyn O’Brien jerrilyn.obrien@allegion.com
Mississippi Michael McGough michael.mcgough@allegion.com
Missouri – Kansas City Area Sherri Hobbs sherri.hobbs@allegion.com
Missouri – Kansas City Area Meaghan McGough meaghan.mcgough@allegion.com
Missouri – Kansas City Area (tornado reqs.) Casey Cohorst casey.cohorst@allegion.com
Missouri – Eastern Gerald Hassebrock gerald.hassebrock@allegion.com
Montana Dan Witt dan.witt@allegion.com
Nebraska Sherri Hobbs sherri.hobbs@allegion.com
Nevada Anthony Wan anthony.wan@allegion.com
New Hampshire Jeff Batick jeff.batick@allegion.com
New Jersey Matt Santry matthew.santry@allegion.com
New Jersey Lee Frazier lee.frazier@allegion.com
New Mexico John Hamilton john.hamilton@allegion.com
New Mexico Craig Burns craig.burns@allegion.com
New York – NYC Area Matt Santry matthew.santry@allegion.com
New York – Upstate Michael Andrews michael.andrews@allegion.com
North Carolina Erin Banks erin.banks@allegion.com
North Carolina TJ Gottwalt timothy.gottwalt@allegion.com
North Carolina Todd Pack jeff.pack@allegion.com
North Dakota Jerrilyn O’Brien jerrilyn.obrien@allegion.com
Ohio Mark Kuhn mark.kuhn@allegion.com
Ohio Jim Boyd jim.boyd@allegion.com
Ohio David Glorioso david.glorioso@allegion.com
Ohio – Northern Keith L Brown keith.l.brown@allegion.com
Oklahoma Ted Link ted.link@allegion.com
Oklahoma Joe Beeman joe.beeman@allegion.com
Oregon Joe Cross joe.cross@allegion.com
Pennsylvania Lee Frazier lee.frazier@allegion.com
Pennsylvania David Glorioso david.glorioso@allegion.com
Rhode Island Jeff Batick jeff.batick@allegion.com
South Carolina Erin Banks erin.banks@allegion.com
South Carolina TJ Gottwalt timothy.gottwalt@allegion.com
South Carolina Todd Pack jeff.pack@allegion.com
South Dakota Jerrilyn O’Brien jerrilyn.obrien@allegion.com
Tennessee – Eastern Todd Pack jeff.pack@allegion.com
Tennessee Michael McGough michael.mcgough@allegion.com
Texas – Dallas Area Ted Link ted.link@allegion.com
Texas – Dallas Area Joe Beeman joe.beeman@allegion.com
Texas – El Paso Area John Hamilton john.hamilton@allegion.com
Texas – El Paso Area Craig Burns craig.burns@allegion.com
Texas – Austin Area Jody Boatman jody.boatman@allegion.com
Texas – Houston Area Mark LeCrone mark.lecrone@allegion.com
Texas – San Antonio Area RB Sontag robert.sontag@allegion.com
Utah George Stromquist george.stromquist@allegion.com
Vermont Jeff Batick jeff.batick@allegion.com
Virginia Erin Banks erin.banks@allegion.com
Virginia – Eastern Lee Frazier lee.frazier@allegion.com
Virginia – Western Todd Pack jeff.pack@allegion.com
Washington Joe Cross joe.cross@allegion.com
Washington DC Lee Frazier lee.frazier@allegion.com
West Virginia Mark Kuhn mark.kuhn@allegion.com
Wisconsin Paul Schmidt paul.schmidt@allegion.com
Wisconsin Jerrilyn O’Brien jerrilyn.obrien@allegion.com
Wyoming Dan Witt dan.witt@allegion.com
International Contacts
Canada – Eastern David Lauziere david.lauziere@allegion.com
Canada – Western Steve Isaac steve.isaac@allegion.com
Middle East & Africa Mohammed Salim Ishaq salim.ishaq@allegion.com

If you don’t find the location you’re looking for, contact Lori Greene.