I was on a call yesterday and someone mentioned an oooooold and long-discontinued product, and then he said, “Lori probably remembers it.”  Having just celebrated the completion of another year of my life last week, his comment could have added insult to injury, BUT – I’m really proud that I’ve spent so much time with the Allegion brands.  It will be 30 years next year!

Because of the length of my career in the industry (37 years), I remember the various tools we have used to try to help simplify doors and hardware.  For each opening there is a complex set of products that have to work together, and it can be very challenging to choose the right component for a particular application.  One of the tools that I found really helpful in the Olden Days was from TGP – a cardboard slider that would assist in choosing the right glazing product.  Those things were a hot commodity – I still had mine when I cleaned out my office 8 years ago.

TGP has released a new and improved online version of the product SpeciFIRE, where you can make a series of choices (application, rating, impact resistance, etc.) and find the TGP glazing options that will meet the needs of the project.  And since it’s available online, you don’t have to hide it in your desk to keep your coworkers from “borrowing” it!  🙂

Check it out!   

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