Stairwell-aI haven’t posted much about traditional wired glass lately, but the hazard continues to be present in existing schools and other facilities.  I have an article on it in this month’s Construction Specifier in case you need a refresher.

The Hazards of Traditional Wired Glass

Chicken-Wire-aby Lori Greene, AHC/CDC, CCPR, FDAI, FDHI, CFPE

For decades, traditional wired glass—with its crisscrossed wires creating diamonds or squares—was installed in buildings around the world. Thanks to its ability to remain intact even when broken, it was the first and, for years, only form of glazing available for fire door assemblies in schools, hospitals, and other buildings.

Over time, this glazing became known as ‘safety glass’—a name that would persist long after it was found to cause severe and often life-threatening injuries when subjected to human impact. Its reputation for safety has been reinforced by its appearance and the common misconception the wire mesh makes the glass stronger. In reality, the exact opposite is true.

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