Campus store with fire rated glass.Back in the Olden Days when I started the iDigHardware website, one of my goals was to share information in a location where people could find it on their own rather than having to contact me.  I couldn’t keep up with all of the phone calls, emails, and yes – even faxes!

Even though I now have the ACE Network backing me up, I still love to share great resources here.  Questions continue to arise regarding fire-rated glass and framing, and Technical Glass Products (TGP) has recently updated a page on their site that answers a couple dozen of the FAQs.

Just a few of my favorite examples…

  • What is the difference between fire-protective and fire-resistive glazing?
  • How does the required hose stream test work and why does it matter?
  • Can fire-rated glass also be impact rated and bullet resistant?
  • How do I read a fire-rated glass label?

If you’re looking for answers to any questions about fire-rated glass and framing, start at

Have you found a great resource about door openings?  Send it along! 

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