Fixed-it Friday

FF: State to City College: Uninstall 1,000 Fire Code-Defying ‘Barricade Devices’

Yesterday, I read an article about a college in California that purchased and installed 1,000 barricade devices at a cost of more than $200,000, as recommended by the local police chief. The college later removed the devices, as they are not compliant with the building code and fire code in California, or with the ADA.

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FF: Sharpie Seal

Ian Baren of Katonah Architectural Hardware sent me today's Fixed-it Friday photo.  This mortise lock is on a very fancy clothing store, and apparently it was an aesthetic problem for someone that the gasketing did not continue down the lock face.  So they drew it in with a Sharpie!  You'd think that if they were going to go to the trouble, they would have used a straight-edge!

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