I’ve got another week left in my 3-week training expedition, so I’m assuming there will be a Part 2…I can find something going on in just about every hotel, retail store, restaurant, or restroom, which is a pretty sad state of affairs.  Here are a few Fixed-it Friday photos from my trip so far.

A classic fix for a hotel lock…

(BTW – the lock to my room in another hotel had a dead battery, so I got to see that process up close and personal.)

Here’s another door right next to the first one, and yes – this was on the coast and also serving the pool equipment…

This isn’t an Allegion product but something looks amiss…is this trim upside down?

In the same hotel stairwell…

And yet another restroom…just in case pushing on the door isn’t enough to tell you that the door is properly locked (or maybe people were confused about how to get out?):

This is one solution for the door of the restroom hallway, but it seems like a great place for a vision light, no?

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for FF Part 2 photos!  If you see any in New Orleans, please send them my way!

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