My webinar addressing the changes to the 2021 model codes is this Thursday, August 26th!  The webinar will be held twice that day:  11:00am – 12:30pm, and 2:00 – 3:30pm, and will qualify for continuing education credits for AIA and DHI.  Use the links below for more information and to register for your preferred time.

Register here for the morning webinar, or click here to register for the afternoon session.



The Allegion 101 series was designed for people who are new to the industry, new to the Allegion family of brands, or just want to learn more about hardware.  If you know of someone who has just started their career in the door and hardware industry, or maybe someone in another role who could begin learning more about the technical / product side of things, set them up with this course!

Allegion 101 | Control the Door – LCN
Tuesday, August 24th, 1:00pm – 2:30pm Eastern

In this session, you will learn about the important role door closers play in controlling an opening and protecting people and property. See how a door closer works and how one can adjust for speed and control in the opening and closing cycles. Learn the difference between universal door closers and application-specific door closers. And, become familiar with popular LCN model numbers/nomenclature so you can more readily interpret documents (e.g., order acknowledgements, templates, etc.) and literature (e.g., catalogs, brochures, etc.). Jeff Tock, our End User Training Manager, will lead this session.

You can register for Allegion 101 classes using the links on the Allegion Virtual Events Calendar.  If you miss a class, the recordings are on the Event Board of the Allegion Training Page.



Our national trainers continue their Webinar Wednesday series!
Wednesday, August 25th (all times are Eastern)

  • 10:00-11:00am: Health Care Hardware
    • Gain insights into the difficult applications found in the health care arena.  In this program, we will highlight various codes & standards that affect these doors as well as security considerations.  We’ll also address the challenges associated with the heavy usage in such 24/7 facilities and the importance of simple solutions for common openings.  Jeff Tock, AHC, our End User Training Manager, will lead this session.
  • 12:00-1:00pm: Electrified Hardware Wiring Choices
    • Selecting the correct wire for electromechanical locking devices and electronic access control systems is critical for the proper operation of those devices and systems. If terms such as volts, amps, plenum-rated, and shielded leave you scratching your head, this webinar is for you. Allegion’s senior product trainer, Gordon Malczewski, will show you how to read labels on various types of cables and help you select the proper cable based on factors such as operating voltage, current rating, wire lengths, and the installation environment.
  • 2:00-3:00pm: Access Control for Stairwells
    • Stairwell openings provide unique challenges for hardware and security professionals. As fire-rated openings, they must meet the requirements as defined by our building codes. And, as stairwell openings, there are another set of requirements set by our building codes around re-entry requirements. In the event of a fire, the codes want to ensure no one gets caught in a smoke-filled stairwell. Join Jeff Tock, our End User Training Manager, to learn more about how to meet these very important requirements while also addressing a multi-story building’s access control needs.
  • 4:00-5:00pm: Accessible Buildings: The Critical Requirements for Clear Width and Maneuvering Clearances
    • Although it has been thirty years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defined what makes for an accessible commercial building, some buildings—especially structures built before 1990—may fall a little short in meeting the clear width and maneuvering clearance requirements for openings. In this session, learn what those requirements are, why they are so important to an individual with disabilities, and how to check and solve for compliance. Jeff Tock, our End User Training Manager, will be your guide.

Visit the Allegion Virtual Event Calendar for more information and to register for any of these sessions.



Door Drills | Add Access Control to Your Von Duprin 98/99 Series Exit Devices
Thursday, August 26th, 10:00-11:00am Eastern

Are you responsible in whole or part for keeping the doors at your facility in good working order?  If so, our Door Drills series is for you.

Electronic access control is part of most facilities these days.  Join this webinar to learn how you can update a standard Von Duprin 98 or 99 Series device so that it will work seamlessly with an access control system.  We’ll start by sharing with you the five essential questions to ask at the start.  Then, we’ll use four applications—four common scenarios where electronic access control is often added to mechanical openings—to describe the products and accessories you can use.  We will feature the Von Duprin QEL (Quiet Electric Latch Retraction) Exit Devices and the Von Duprin M996L Trim (the Motor Driven Electrified Lever Trim).

Sign up for this session and future Door Drills classes by visiting the Allegion Virtual Event Calendar.

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