It’s hard to miss this preschool in my neighborhood – I’m temporarily working from Christianshavn, Copenhagen:

But I’m guessing most people don’t notice that this preschool has the same problem with elopement that is common in the U.S., and they have addressed it by adding another latch at a higher location (this wouldn’t be compliant with U.S. codes):

The preschool is on my street…this is my block:

The apartment building where I’m staying is 280 years old, and the front door has an old potbelly closer.  Don’t worry, I have not seen any “rotter” at all!  The closer does a great job of closing the door, but there is a high risk of being pushed out the door and down the stairs, or losing a finger.


Check out this cool house around the corner:


This is an interesting application:

And just a couple more of my neighbors’ doors…there’s a lot of door diversity here:


If you have travel plans this week, don’t forget to send me some photos!

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