Multi-Stall ToiletI think I need a new category of posts that covers the obscure code requirements nobody has ever noticed before.  I also need a catchy name for this category so let me know if you think of something.

Lloyd Seliber found this one while browsing his copy of the 2015 IBC:

2902.3.5 Door locking. Where a toilet room is provided for the use of multiple occupants, the egress door for the room shall not be lockable from the inside of the room. This section does not apply to family or assisted-use toilet rooms.

This requirement was added to Chapter 29 – Plumbing Systems, in the 2012 edition of the IBC.  It’s a little different from most of the other door-related code requirements because it was not designed to ensure free egress, accessibility, or fire protection.  According to the IBC Commentary, the purpose of this requirement is to prevent people from locking themselves in the toilet room to create a safe haven for illicit activities.  The requirement does not apply to single occupancy restrooms.

I think this section may need to be tweaked a little because there could be locations where a facility would want an authorized person to be able to create a safe haven in a restroom – like this lock function that might be used for a school restroom.  Some education may also be required…I imagine that a plumbing inspector who is not familiar with locks could express concerns about the use of a classroom function deadbolt (interior thumbturn can retract the bolt for egress, but will not project the bolt to secure the room), even though it meets the intent of the code.

Have you run across something in a code book that made you go hmmmm?  Tell me about it!

Floor Plan:  Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc.

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