Here’s a question for all of the distributors, fire door inspectors, AHJs, CDCs, and anyone else out there who has an opinion.  When you’re calculating the “prefit” door widths for a double-egress pair (and how much clearance there is at the jambs and meeting stiles), how d0 you measure the clearance at the meeting stiles?  If the doors are fire doors or smoke doors, how would an AHJ / inspector measure the clearance in the field?

This is not specifically addressed in the codes or standards, so see below for the 4 options, and vote!  If you have any thoughts on why the clearance would be measured in a certain way, please leave a comment to elaborate.  I know this question is pretty far into the nitty-gritty, but it’s a real question that came across my desk this morning.  🙂


Double Egress Measurement Scenarios

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