This week marks America’s Safe Schools Week, recognizing the progress made by hundreds of school districts and programs across the nation, and encouraging others to follow suit.

At Allegion we strive to serve others, not ourselves, which includes serving the communities where we live.  This value is core to how we approach securing K-12 schools; school safety and security go beyond a mere product conversation. We collaborate with a diverse range of experts to establish best practices for securing schools, while maintaining our focus on life safety, fire protection, and accessibility. Our partnerships span across educators, law enforcement, not-for-profit organizations, and security professionals, as we collectively strive toward a shared mission of creating safer schools.

We pride ourselves on developing security solutions that are rooted in the best practices recommended by various credible sources. Our approach is informed by valuable insights from esteemed organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security, past-incident reports, and The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools. By incorporating these trusted resources, we ensure that our security solutions align with the highest standards and are designed to effectively address the evolving challenges faced by educational institutions.

Some of our partners include:

Throughout 2023, we have dedicated our efforts to developing messaging and materials that form the cornerstone of our best practice solutions. These initiatives culminate in the launch of our new website, In addition, we have created a range of other valuable resources, including:

To learn more about Allegion’s school security efforts visit

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