At first glance, the problem with this Wordless Wednesday photo may not immediately be apparent – under normal operation, the doors are able to slide behind the carts full of water without a problem.  BUT – automatic sliding doors in a means of egress are required by BHMA A156.10 to have a break-away device.  This allows the sliding doors to swing in the direction of egress if they need to be manually operated in an emergency, with a force of no more than 50 lbf applied 1 inch from the edge of the lock stile.  Fun Fact: When automatic doors are in break-out mode, they must be prevented from operating automatically.

The carts of water will prevent these doors from operating properly in break-out mode, and could deter or prevent egress.  Keep your eyes peeled for these less-obvious code issues!

Thank you to Zeke of Door Sa-Lutions for today’s Wordless Wednesday photo!

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