I recently learned that one of my articles from 2020 had been included in a special edition of Construction Specifier (Health, Safety, and Modern Design), in addition to another of my articles making the magazine’s Top-10 Features and Stories of 2020, and two of my articles being included in the Best of 2020 digital edition of Door Security + Safety.  It was a big year!

I started thinking about my own Top-20 list…what were the most popular iDigHardware posts of 2020?  Based on the Google Analytics stats, here are posts #1-20, starting with the most-read post of the year:

1. Decoded: Touchless Solutions for Healthy Environments

My July 2020 Decoded column for Door Security + Safety Magazine addresses the code considerations for facilities where changes are being made in order to limit the spread of germs.

2. Wordless Wednesday: Just No

I can not for the life of me think of any circumstances that would make me consider locking egress doors in a school using this method. Just no. Never. #wordless

3. WWYD? Single-User Restrooms

People often ask whether occupancy indicators are required by code on single-user restrooms. I finally have an answer – and a question that I would love to hear your thoughts on…

4. Boat Frames

If you have supplied doors, frames, and hardware, you’ve probably had some projects that kept you awake at night. I know I have, but the end result can be so rewarding!

5. Decoded: Extraneous Labels on Fire Door Assemblies

If a labeled fire door is installed in a location where a fire door is not required, must the assembly be maintained and inspected according to the requirements of NFPA 80?

6. Decoded: Opening Force vs. Operable Force

Ten years ago I wrote my very first Decoded article, and the column has run continuously since December of 2010. Who knew I’d have so much to write about??

7. Webinar 1: Code Changes Affecting Classroom Doors

Webinars…they’re the next best thing to being there, right? Since I can’t be with each of you in person, I hope you will join me on some of my upcoming (and free) webinars.

8. Wordless Wednesday: Flash Flood

These are some of the most wordless Wordless Wednesday photos ever; I’ve never seen anything like this. The force of water is amazing.

9. Quick Question: Antimicrobial Coating

Quick Question: Can operable door hardware with an antimicrobial coating help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other viruses?

10. Fixed-it Friday / WWYD? Magnetic Holder

The story here is that the cross-corridor doors in this hospital were scheduled to be 8-foot doors, but the wrong (7-foot) assembly was installed. WWYD?

11. Schlage L9000 Thumbturn Change

This news makes me really happy – there’s a new standard thumb turn for the Schlage L9000 mortise lock! Don’t worry – the “old” standard thumb turn and the EZ Turn are still available.

12. Fixed-it Friday: Close(r) Call

We’ve all seen closers installed incorrectly…the question is how will the control of this door be affected by the installation in this Fixed-it Friday photo?

13. Fixed-it Friday: Hands-Free Hardware

Covid-19 has inspired new “inventions” to help people avoid touching door hardware with their hands, to limit the spread of the virus. How can the hardware industry help?

14. Fixed-it Friday: Concealed Closer Arm

Keith Nelsen of Lindquist Security Technologies sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday video. I’m guessing it wasn’t an intentional “fix”, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

15. 2021 Model Code Update – What’s New?

The 2021 code development cycle is complete, and although it may take some time for the new model codes to be adopted, it’s important to know what changes to expect.

16. Decoded: Barricade Devices and the ADA

My March 2020 Decoded article explains why it’s important for the ADA and all adopted codes and standards to be considered when choosing security products.

17. Quick Question: Cladding on a Fire Door Assembly

Today’s Quick Question is a very common one…Can cladding materials be applied to the face of a fire door assembly without voiding the fire rating?

18. Decoded: Doors Provided for Egress Purposes

If it looks like a door and swings like a door, building occupants (and the code official) will probably think it’s a door, and it should operate like doors are supposed to.

19. Decoded: Egress from Exterior Spaces

My August/September 2020 Decoded column for Door Security + Safety Magazine addresses an approved code change related to locking roof terraces and courtyards.

20. Fixed-it Friday: Only in Alaska

The extreme weather we’re experiencing may open up new opportunities for hardware design…these Fixed-it Friday photos could be a prototype for a future product. 🙂

Did your favorite post of 2020 make the list?  Do you have any ideas for 2021 posts?  I’d love to hear about them!

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