This news makes me really happy – there’s a new standard thumb turn for the Schlage L9000 mortise lock!  Because the accessibility standards are not specific about the required length of a thumb turn, AHJs may have varying interpretations about what is compliant with the standards.  This can lead to problems in the field, just as the project is reaching the finish line.

The accessibility standards require door hardware to be operable without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist, but the actual operation can be a bit subjective.  I can operate the “old” L9000 thumb turn without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting, but since Schlage also offers the optional EZ Turn, some AHJs considered that one the accessible version.  On the other hand, some architects did not like the look of the EZ Turn and preferred the standard thumb turn.

Problem solved!  The new standard thumb turn meets the operability requirements of the accessibility standards and is smaller than the EZ Turn, which will hopefully mean that it is loved by the majority of architects.  🙂  The EZ Turn and the basic thumb turn (AKA old standard thumb turn) are also available.  There shouldn’t be any more confusion in the field resulting from the standard thumb turn.

Refer to the marketing bulletin if you need more information about this change.

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