These are some of the most wordless Wordless Wednesday photos ever; I’ve never seen anything like this.

The photos are from a university and show door damage from a major rainfall where hail blocked the roof drains.  The rainwater built up on the roof until it forced the blockages out of the drains and then all of the water rushed down the drainpipe.  The pipe burst and the water filled a mechanical room (4 feet x 20 feet) to a level 8 feet deep.  Eventually, the lock on the mechanical room door failed, and the water then filled a small vestibule causing that door to fail as well.  The water entered a stairwell, rising to a depth of over 12 feet until the stair door was forced open – in the opposite direction of its normal swing – and the water swept through the building causing significant damage.

The door shown in the photos below is the stairwell door.

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