In honor of the 10th anniversary of iDigHardware, I have identified the most popular posts of the last 10 years!  Unless you have read and absorbed every post since Day 1, there is a lot to learn from these past posts (you may want to save them in your Favorites).  And I’ve chosen my favorite Wordless Wednesday and Fixed-it Friday posts to round out the Top 10.

10: Flush Bottom Rail

If you’re wondering whether you need to read this article, ask yourself this question: Are the doors in the photo compliant with the flush bottom rail requirement?

9. Back-to-Basics: Hinge Types

For wide-throw hinges on a door that swings 180 degrees, where 2 inches of clearance is required behind the door to accommodate the trim, what is the required hinge width?

8. Wordless Wednesday: Close the Door

This Wordless Wednesday photo is one of my favorites because it was part of the early inspiration for a topic that has become an important part of my work – the protection offered by a closed door.

7. Fail Safe vs. Fail Secure

In this article, I covered not only how fail safe and fail secure electrified hardware products operate, but which type would commonly be used in various types of systems.

6. Fixed-it Friday: Communicating Door Closers

Many of my Fixed-it Friday posts show creative attempts at what-not-to-do, so as #6 in the Top-10 series I wanted to highlight another type of Fixed-it Friday post.

5. Decoded: Smoke Door Requirements of the International Building Code

Answers to questions about smoke door labels, closers, latches, and gasketing AND…in a labor of love, I have updated the references in the article to include the 2018 IBC.  You’re welcome.  😀

4. Panic Hardware

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that panic hardware was one of the reasons I started learning about codes in the first place.

3. Wordless Wednesday: School Safety and Security

This is one of the most egregious examples of a non-code-compliant egress modification that I’ve ever seen, and yes, it was in a school.

2. Decoded: Calculating the Occupant Load

The most popular post on iDigHardware in the last 10 years is an article that isn’t even about doors or hardware.  That may be the reason for it’s popularity.

1. Fixed-it Friday: All-Time Fave (So Far)

Here it is – my favorite Fixed-it Friday photo of all time (so far)! If you have any interesting door photos from your summer vacation, I’d love to see them!