Last night I stayed in Montecatini, Italy, and today I am visiting several of the five small villages that are part of the Cinque Terre National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here!


Next up, in the #9 position, my Back-to-Basics article on the various types of hinges.  For a simple piece of hardware, hinges can be complicated – it’s no wonder that people find their way to this article.  Can you believe that about 70% of the traffic to iDigHardware comes from search engines??  And where else would Google send someone who wanted to know the difference between a swing clear hinge and a wide throw hinge, or a raised barrel hinge and an anchor hinge?

What’s that you say?  You already know about the different types of hinges?  See if you know the answer to this question:

For wide-throw hinges on a door that swings 180 degrees, where 2 inches of clearance is required behind the door to accommodate the trim, what is the required hinge width?

Here is the #9 article: Back-to-Basics: Hinge Types and Applications

Allegion has other Back-to-Basics articles on various topics.  You can find them all here.

Drawing posted with the permission of the family of Adon Brownell.

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