Today I’m going to Rome by way of Pompeii, which promises to be the hottest place I’ve ever been – maybe a tie with Volubilis in Morocco, in August.  Wish me luck!


The #5 post in the Top 10 series came as no surprise at all (people are constantly asking me about smoke doors) – Decoded: Smoke Door Requirements of the International Building Code.  The requirements for smoke doors are confusing, because there are different types of doors that can be called “smoke doors” as well as fire doors that may require limited smoke transmission.  Today’s Top 1o article addresses the IBC requirements for 5 of those door types:

  • doors required to provide an effective barrier to limit the transfer of smoke
  • doors in smoke partitions
  • doors in smoke barriers
  • fire door assemblies in corridors and smoke barriers
  • doors in exit enclosures and exit passageways

Where are these assemblies typically located?  Are labels and gasketing required?  Do these doors have to be self-closing and self-latching?  Those questions are answered in the article AND…in a labor of love, I have updated the references in the article to include the 2018 IBC.  You’re welcome.  😀

The revised article which includes the 2018 IBC references is here:

And here are a few more posts that might be helpful: 

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