It’s my last day in Italy!  Today I’m touring ancient Rome – the Roman Forum, the Arch of Constantine, and of course the Colosseum.  It has been an amazing trip!!  And yes, it has been longer than the average vacation, BUT I have also worked every day of the trip – including weekends.  Starting with Chip Falcon’s Road Trip in 2009, this is how I roll.


For today’s Top 1o post, I wanted to dig out a Wordless Wednesday photo related to school security.  Like last week’s WW post about the protection provided by closed doors, school security and safety have become a huge part of my job and my daily life.

The problem was trying to choose which of the dozens of photos to post.  It could be one of the gadgets that have been designed to secure classroom doors without meeting the adopted codes, a news story about parents’ suggestions for distributing a padlock to each teacher, one of the many chained egress doors, or a school district’s plan to throw cans of peas and corn at an active shooter.

I finally decided on an old “favorite”, from Tim Kaye of Allegion, which I originally posted in 2013.  This is one of the most egregious examples of a non-code-compliant egress modification that I’ve ever seen, and yes, it was in a school.  Take a good look:

And for more information about school safety and security, visit the Schools page of iDigHardware.

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