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Colonial Williamsburg

Yesterday we decided that there was still too much to see so we can't go home just yet.  We haven't run out of clean clothes, so why not?  We spent the entire day taking in the sights of Colonial Williamsburg, without a thrill ride or water slide in sight.  I saw so many interesting doors that I made them into a short slide show for your viewing pleasure:

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Doors of Busch Gardens

Several people have commented that I'm supposed to be on vacation, I should be relaxing, enjoying quality family time, etc.  Well, I just returned from 10 HOURS at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia and I am SO TIRED.  But I know I won't be able to sleep if I don't post something for you to look at with your morning coffee tomorrow.

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Where's Waldo?

Today we headed north toward Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and on the way we passed through Waldo, Florida.  Apparently Waldo's claim to fame is that it is one of two official speed traps designated by AAA.  The other is just up the road in Lawtey.  Lucky for us, the Waldo police were at Dunkin Donuts and there was a billboard warning of the speed trap in Lawtey (rumor has it the billboards were purchased by AAA), so we made it through unticketed.

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Where's Chip?

For all of you loyal late Friday afternoon and weekend blog readers, here's another opportunity to win something from the Ingersoll Rand prize vault.  This morning, Chip visited the statue at left - where are we?  If you think you know, click here and scroll down to leave a comment with the answer.  I will hold all of the answers until the end of Chip's Road Trip and then choose one lucky winner from all of the correct entries.  If you need a hint, the statue is located at the end of a bridge that leads to a set of *keys*.  Hey wait!  Is that a FALCON on his arm patch??  ;-)

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Home of the Falcons

When Chip heard that we'd be passing through Atlanta he insisted on visiting the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons. We stopped for a look around, and he gawked at the banks of multiple exit doors, all equipped with Von Duprin 99 devices.  It was a proud moment for Chip, especially since the Falcon 24/25 and Von Duprin 98/99 were designed by the same engineers and share the Ingersoll Rand name.

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9 Out of 10 Birds Surveyed Prefer LCN

I have a lot of pet peeves - just ask my family.  One of my pet peeves is when I see a door closer on the "wrong" side of a door.  It could be the corridor side of an electric room, the outside of a bathroom, or, like the photo to the left, the weather side of an exterior door.  I just don't understand how a closer ends up on the wrong side of the door, especially when many of them (the one at left included) come packed with all of the parts and pieces required to install it three different ways.

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Violators Will Be Fined!

When a delayed egress lock is used on an egress door, the codes require signage instructing the building occupant to "PUSH UNTIL ALARM SOUNDS, DOOR CAN BE OPENED IN 15 SECONDS." When the code official approves a 30-second delay, the signage must reflect that increase.  At least the signage on this egress door (yes, there is an exit sign which is not visible in the photo) will keep the person occupied while he or she waits for 30 seconds to pass.  ;-)

Moroccan Doors

I have visited 10 countries in Africa, so in honor of the first African country to host a visitor to this website (the 38th country to visit the site!), I decided to post an African door photo from my collection.  I searched through the albums of my trips and found hundreds of photos of elephants, lions, and my fellow campers behaving badly, but hardly any photos of doors!  I will eventually find and post my photo collection called the Doors of Zanzibar, but in the meantime, here are a few shots of the doors of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca Morocco.  To give these openings some scale, that's me sitting in front of a GIANT door, beside a door similar in size to the one in the close-up.

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Doors Gone Wrong

After over 20 years in the hardware industry, my family has grown accustomed to me taking photos of doors.  They still think it's strange, but it's no longer surprising.  Last weekend we were on a Fathers Day outing and I saw this sad door on a gas station ladies' room.  I couldn't help but wonder...who would be this desperate to get into the ladies room?  I guess someone REALLY had to go. 

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Where's the Door?

I'll get back to the long, wordy posts about code questions soon, but in the meantime here's another cool door photo from Paul Goldense of Goldense Building Products. This opening is used by a water authority to access their pumps for maintenance. It's hung with continuous hinges on a channel iron frame.  As an extra challenge, the door is located at the top of a dam. Very cool!

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Doors Gone Wrong

This is one of those openings that makes me cringe...yuck!  But I can't let a teachable moment go by.  Yesterday I got a call from an architect who asked whether it was acceptable to put a panic device on one leaf of a pair when only that leaf is required for egress width.  The codes aren't 100% clear on this, but I have had code officials require panics on both leaves of a pair even if only one leaf is required for egress.  You also need to consider the alternative to using panics on both leaves...a panic on one leaf and auto flush bolts on the other.  This application also requires a coordinator and overall it's a problematic application.

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Time-Out Lock

One of our customers sent me this photo last week.  It was found on a psychiatric facility and to operate it, a staff member must be present and holding the bolt projected via the lever.  I did my best to track down a manufacturer with no luck.  It's possible that it was made in a machine shop or that it is no longer available, but my first thought when I saw it was that I need to buy 3 for my kids' rooms and then find 3 suckers to stand there holding the bolts projected.  ;-)

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