We interrupt this road trip to announce that this website has received visitors from 50 different countries!!

And coincidentally, the 50th country to visit was Morocco, where my husband was born (and the visitor was NOT my mother-in-law!).  50 countries in the 2 months that I’ve been keeping track…so cool!  If you’re interested in seeing which countries have visited, you can look here.

And now, since I can’t say goodnight without leaving you with something hardware related…I just saw the application below at the steakhouse where we had dinner.  From a distance I couldn’t tell for sure what I was looking at, but closer inspection confirmed that an exit device had been removed and replaced with an exit alarm (at least they weren’t trying to be sneaky about it).  I didn’t have my tape measure handy, but I’m positive that the actuating paddle on the exit alarm isn’t code-compliant.  When panic hardware is required by code (and it IS required for this door), the actuating portion has to be at least half the width of the door.


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