wheres-chiparm-patchFor all of you loyal late Friday afternoon and weekend blog readers, here’s another opportunity to win something from the Ingersoll Rand prize vault.  This morning, Chip visited the statue at left – where are we?  If you think you know, click here and scroll down to leave a comment with the answer.  I will hold all of the answers until the end of Chip’s Road Trip and then choose one lucky winner from all of the correct entries.  If you need a hint, the statue is located at the end of a bridge that leads to a set of *keys*.  Hey wait!  Is that a FALCON on his arm patch??  😉


And just for fun, here’s a door that I saw today at an aquarium.  It’s a single door with a vertical rod panic device without any rods. The rods have been removed and a deadbolt added.

It’s not even a classroom function deadbolt, so anyone who wanted to jump in and swim with the dolphins could lock out aquarium security and cool off until someone found the key.

It was so hot I thought about doing that myself, but it’s one thing to have the kids embarrassed by me taking photos of doors, and another thing entirely to have their mother arrested.  Plus, my own mother was there and I’m pretty sure she would have given me “the look”.

Have a great weekend!

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