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Apr 18 2017

Fire Door Inspection Checklist

Category: FDAI,Fire DoorsLori @ 1:10 am Comments (3)

A long, long time ago, I created a fire door inspection checklist.  It was even published in a book written by Brad Keyes.  Given the new requirements for health care facilities, and because everything on the internet seems to live forever, people keep finding that old checklist and asking me whether there is an Allegion version.

I have updated the checklist and the cover sheet, and I’m looking for some feedback from anyone who might use this tool.  I don’t know that anyone would actually use it for recording an inspection, since I think it’s much better to use software for that documentation.  But maybe it would be helpful to use during a class or for reference when discussing the requirements.

You can access the checklist by clicking here:  FDAI Checklist REV2, or by clicking the images below.  And if you’d like to use it as-is, feel free!


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3 Responses to “Fire Door Inspection Checklist”

  1. Cda says:

    In the old days

    A closer with a fusible link,

    Only requires visual inspection?

    Does not have to be tested or replaced?

    I know no paint

    • Lori says:

      I’m not sure because the inspection requirements came about when fusible link closers were not used much any more. You can remove the link and make sure the door closes, but I don’t think most people go to the trouble of melting the link and then replacing it.

      – Lori

  2. Don Hicks says:

    Very nice list Lori, I have a customer at major hospital in downtown Atlanta who may want to use this.

    That is very comprehensive.

    Thank you

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