People frequently ask me for images of code-compliant applications, and sometimes it’s tough  to come up with good examples.  (If you want to see what not to do, I’ve got you!)

I found the doors in today’s post on a recent trip to Indianapolis with my youngest daughter.  Many of iDigHardware’s long-time readers will remember her from the Olden Days. –>

She’s my third baby, and I introduced my fourth baby – iDigHardware – a couple of years after her birth.  She has been featured here multiple times, like the time she somehow locked us in our hotel room, the day she had a thyroidectomy and caused a huge spike in visits to this site (and we saw a cool gate application), when we went on family trips to exotic destinations or visited local points of interest like the Museum of Science and the Boston city streets, and of course her multiple appearances during Chip Falcon’s Road Trip.

What you might find hard to believe is that we are currently deciding which university she will be attending this fall!  Last week we visited a great school near Allegion’s office in Carmel, Indiana, and despite growing up with iDigHardware, I think she was still a little surprised when we met some Allegion coworkers in the airport (“LORI!  I read your blog!!).  😀

During the recent college visit, I saw the doors below leading from a classroom building to the university library.  When the library is open, the doors are held open on magnetic holders to allow access to the library.  Because it’s a required means of egress, the doors have delayed egress fire exit hardware (Von Duprin Chexits)  to allow code-compliant egress while also deterring access after hours.

Under normal operation, this hardware will delay egress for 15 seconds when someone tries to exit.  An audible alarm will sound at the door, as required by code.  If the fire alarm is actuated or there is a power failure, the doors will allow free egress immediately (no 15-second delay).  The doors have the proper signage, and the panic hardware is properly sized for the door width.

I think this is a great application for delayed egress locks…what do you think?

delayed egress locks

delayed egress locks

delayed egress locks

Cross all of your appendages that this kid, who still looks like a sweet little angel, receives the scholarship she has been invited to apply for!  There are many more good applications on campus for me to share here.

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