I have been amazed and touched by the number of people who actually read my Good News/Bad News post all the way to the end and took the time to call or email me about my daughter’s surgery.  Thank you so much for your care and concern.  It has been a tough week and an extremely stressful day, but everything went perfectly and my daughter is doing really well.  We’re still in the hospital but we hope to be able to go home tomorrow (actually today since it’s 2 a.m.).

As a reward for your patience with my irregular posting, I took some photos of the entry to the surgical suite this morning.  All of the specwriters that I know are very meticulous, and spend a lot of time considering how each opening will be used and what the most appropriate hardware would be.  So I don’ t know how doors end up like this pair.

We were the first surgery scheduled today, and when we arrived, the surgical staff was also arriving.  I approached this pair and tried the lever, which was locked.  We wandered down the hall until we found a staff member.  She escorted us to these doors, grabbed the pull, and in we went.  High security, no, but it probably keeps people out most of the time.

These doors have a panic on one leaf with no bottom latch (the bottom rod is there), and the other leaf has one surface bolt.  The outside has, as you can see, one lever and one pull.  It looks terrible, it’s not secure, and the panic doesn’t function properly.  How does this happen??



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