I hope you’re not getting tired of posts about beautiful Moroccan doors because I know I’m not tired of seeing them.  There are amazing doors EVERYWHERE in Morocco – adorned bronze, carved wood, hand-painted…absolutely gorgeous.  Yesterday I dragged the family to Bahia Palace in the 100-degree heat.  They were good sports about it and I think they actually like roaming around old architectural marvels with me.  Once we finally find them in the depths of the medina, that is.  It’s not easy to get around in the old city, or the ville nouvelle for that matter.

The Bahia Palace was built in the late 1800’s, which surprised me.  It seems like it should be older because of the extreme levels of detail and artistry.  You can read more about the palace here.

And now for the doors!  Here’s a tall pair (see the photos farther down for scale) from the courtyard.  Each leaf has a wicket door:


Another wicket door – actually a wicket door within a wicket door, and its hinges:


There are two types of top pivots I’ve been seeing – one that just holds the pivot for one door, and one that’s a bar spanning the width of the opening and holding the top pivot for both leaves:

Bottom pivot:

This is the pair with the top pivot bar:

Norah gives the courtyard pairs some sense of scale:


I love these arches!


This door has a BEAUTIFUL frame!


A few more random doors and details:


And by request, some non-door photos:

I’m so spoiled now, I may never take a photo of an American door again!

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