My youngest daughter graduated from kindergarten today, so we played hookey and took her to the Museum of Science.  I didn’t forget about y’all though.  Here are a few photos from the trip.

On the entrance and exit doors for the Butterfly Garden, strong fans have been installed above the doors to blow the butterflies away when the doors are opened.  The door position switches aren’t as pretty as the butterflies though.

This naked closer is missing two of its screws and the other two are not original.  I’d bring them a new snap-on cover, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit over the bolts.

You don’t see these too often nowadays.  Anybody know why not?

I had never seen one of these before…am I the only one who’s been living under a rock?

The Colby Gun and Trophy Room has beautiful doors…the Elephant Doors from the Palace of the Sultan of Witu in modern-day Kenya.  They’re 10 feet high and 4″ thick, and the spikes are to prevent elephants from butting the doors in with their heads.  Yikes!

And finally…What’s wrong with this cafeteria exit?

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