Last month I wrote about my experience on the day of this year’s Boston Marathon.  The slogan “Boston Strong” has emerged since then as the ultimate description of this city, which will not let senseless violence beat us down.  This weekend my friend and I took our kids downtown, and our first stop was the makeshift memorial that has sprung up next to Trinity Church and across the street from the Boston Public Library.  I was surprised at the very long line of people inching through the display of running shoes, flowers, notes, candles, hats, stuffed animals, and other mementos that have been left at the site, and also the multiple news vehicles parked along the street.  I’m still wondering what story they’re waiting to capture…survivors visiting the memorial?  Famous people?  I guess I’ll have to watch the news and see.



Norah’s note said, “Love makes evrithing betre.”  We met a therapy dog and two therapy cats (who knew?!) and I really think they brought some healing to the memorial visitors.

Norah Note  Therapy Cats and Dog

Of course, I took the opportunity to find some doors of interest for you…my favorite is at the end so make sure you scroll all the way down.

Boston Spirit was evident everywhere:

B for Boston

I specified and supplied the hardware for this opening about 20 years ago.  For years I had people calling to ask me to replicate the “Sonsie doors”:

Sonsie Open

Sonsie Closed

I saw some creative hold-opens:

Boots  Jugs

Some beautiful bronze doors (check out the cylinder location and flush pull!):

Bronze Door Detail

I love this door.  Speaking of doors I love…I need a new front door for my house.  Anybody know where I can get one?


Gorgeous vine pull:


I’m a sucker for details like this entrance canopy:


We even found fairy doors for sale!

Fairy Doors

This is one way to handle a non-compliant bottom rail deadbolt:

Bottom Rail Deadbolt

What do you think these ties are used for?  You might be thinking “hold-open” but there’s nothing to attach the ties to in the open position.


I’m not sure I would have gone to this much trouble to accommodate this particular panic device, but I think Von Duprin 55’s on a glass door with a backer plate would look elegant:

Glass Door

Glass Door Panic

Someone went to great lengths for this stop…

Overhead Stop

There apparently wasn’t enough left in the budget for a proper hold-open:

Shamrock Hold Open

A couple of knobs…one an interesting method of dealing with a door of non-standard thickness, and the other a careless retrofit:

Recessed Knob


I thought this was pretty cool…an egress door from a terrace surrounded by a hedge:

Terrace Door

And my favorite application of the day…an “exit” in a jewelry store we visited (only the best for my girls).  So.  Bad.

Jewelry Store Exit

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