I find it interesting to see how people adapt doors and hardware for their convenience – sometimes at the expense of security or code requirements.  Last week when I attended the DHI conNextions conference in Boston, I had sticker shock at the cost of parking, so I used an app to find a less expensive space nearby.  The pedestrian entrance to the garage had a card reader and electric strike for residents of the building, and a doorbell for people like me.

When I pressed the doorbell, the door began to open “automatically” (I didn’t see anyone on the other side of the glass), but only opened a few inches.  Once I opened the door fully I saw that the parking attendant had used the 1×3 to push the touchpad of the panic and open the door a little, without climbing the steps.  I didn’t point out that a push button in the parking booth could control the strike and save him the 20-foot walk to the door.  😀

Happy Fixed-it Friday!

Parking egress

Wooden board used to push panic

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