Woman in classroom with hand raisedOver the last 10+ years, I have met many people who are committed to the safety and security of schools, and I just realized that two of my favorite school safety advocates are presenting a webinar this week!

The Door Opening Industry Training Group (DOIT) is offering a free webinar TOMORROW, Wednesday August 16th, at 1 PM Eastern, and the speakers are my friends Hal Kelton and Joe Hendry!

You can register here, or visit www.educate-doit.com to read more about the presentation and see what other training is coming up.

Collaboration is Key When it Comes to School Safety and Security

School safety and security involves a multifaceted and proactive strategy, design, and preparedness aimed at safeguarding the well-being of students, educators, and staff within the educational environment.

The final design must encompass and prioritize life safety while also emphasizing the importance of implementing robust security measures, such as surveillance systems, controlled access points, and emergency response plans all while maintaining building, fire, and life safety code compliance.

The school safety and security approach continually adapts to emerging threats when promoting a collaborative partnership among security and commercial hardware consultants, architects, school authorities, parents, local communities, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies.

Join our experts Hal Kelton, AHC/CDC, CFDAI, QFDT, QFDI, QDOC, DSI, DSC, CDT, RCI and Joseph A. Hendry Jr., PSP®, CL for this important topic to learn more about why collaboration is key.

To register for the FREE Webinar, click here.

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