A few years ago I decided to learn how to dance – salsa, cumbia, and other Latin dances – not the easiest undertaking, but very rewarding.  My new obsession has taken me to several sources of Wordless Wednesday photos, including a restaurant that I went to last night.

On previous visits, I had noticed that there was only one visible exit (the main entrance), but there were full height windows along the side that were always open.  Because of noise issues, the windows are now closed and covered, and two sliding doors have been added at the main entrance.

When I entered last night, the doors were open a little more than a foot for people to squeeze through, but both doors were closed most of the evening.  Can you see the exit?

Exit sign invisible in crowded night club

How about when the DJ turns on the fog machine during the band’s break?

The door was even tough to see from our seat – two tables away from the entrance.

As I mentioned, there is now a series of two sliding doors at the main entrance.  It’s easy to imagine how this arrangement could impact egress in an emergency.


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