Today begins the annual observance of America’s Safe Schools Week, which gives each of us an opportunity to focus on how to help increase the safety and security of our nation’s schools. I recently spent some time with Mark Williams of the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS), talking about how to safely secure classroom doors.

Allegion’s In Session series of educational videos includes five new videos addressing the following topics:

  • Q&A with a school funding expert: “The Funding Doctor,” Dr. Paula Love, shares funding resources and opportunities available to some U.S. schools
  • Classroom locks vs. door barricades: How to secure classrooms safely: Code expert Lori Greene and former Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) Chair Mark Williams explain the risks of barricade devices and provide code-compliant solutions
  • Best practices for school security post-pandemic: Learn about the state of school security today and advice for securing the interior and exterior perimeter with Paul Timm, PSP and Vice President of Physical Security Services
  • School safety: Advice from a former school security director: Having been on both sides—in the school as a former security director and as an advocate for PASS—Guy Grace shares his unique perspective on holistic security solutions and making students and staff feel safe in schools
  • Addressing student mental health in schools: This diverse panel hosted by Allegion featuring Michele Gay, founder of Safe and Sound Schools, Dr. Melissa Reeves, a renowned school psychologist, and Paul Timm, school security expert discusses student wellbeing post-pandemic and how to balance that with school safety measures

Here is my discussion with Mark…let us know what you think!  And check out the rest of the videos in this series here.

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