Classroom Locks 101 graphicIn the June issue of Locksmith Ledger, there is a great article written by Ken Cook, Director of School Safety and Advocacy for Allegion.  If you specify or provide door hardware, work for a school district, or advise school administrators on their safety and security methods, the article is a valuable tool for understanding the various considerations and options.

Here’s an excerpt:

School safety and security concerns are on the rise for students, teachers and parents. A 2022 Gallup poll found that 44 percent of parents of K-12 students fear for their child’s physical safety at school. These numbers peaked in correlation with school shootings, the highest being 55 percent directly after the Columbine High School shooting. One in 5 parents also reported their child expressed fear for their safety at school.

While these numbers are alarming, school shootings are anything but common and should not be the only concern for parents, students and school staff. When panic is created around such tragic events, schools may take measures that are rushed and potentially unsafe. Administrators should also consider weather-related emergencies, fires, bomb threats, bullying, vandalism and other possible non-fatal incidents when choosing and assessing their school’s safety components and procedures. The goal is safety for every student and staff member, in every situation, every day.

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Article Image: Locksmith Ledger

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