As the use of technology in schools grows, there are both positive and negative implications to be considered.  In the third episode of Paul Timm’s podcast – The Changing Face of School Security, he talks with Jeff Bean about this topic:

S1 Ep. 3 How Technology is Making Schools Safer—and Bullying Easier

Jeff Bean started his career in school safety as a School Resource Officer (SRO) during his time as a police officer. As concerns for safety changed and grew, he started SafeSchools4All, an educational resource for parents, faculty, administrators and students that aims to create safe school environments.

When technology changes and grows, it can enhance security but also foster unsafe environments for students. SafeSchools4All helps parents and teachers stay up to date on topics involving bullying and other safety issues, providing guidance on discussions with kids.

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Jeff joined host Paul Timm on The Changing Face of School Security podcast to discuss:

  • His experience as a school resource officer and safety coordinator
  • The importance of education and proper use of technology
  • Future changes he expects to see

Who is Jeff Bean?

Jeff Bean is a School District Safety and Security Coordinator for the Troy Community Consolidated School District 30C and President/Founder of SafeSchools4All.

Connect with the guest:

Meet the host:

Paul Timm, Director of Education Safety for Allegion, is a board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), author of School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program, and a nationally acclaimed expert in physical security. He is also a member of PASS, CSC, ASIS International’s School Safety & Security Council and IASBO (Illinois Association of School Business Officials) Risk Management Committee.  Since 1999, Paul has conducted physical security assessments and provided technical assistance for clients nationwide and in Canada.

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