I admit, sometimes when I’m out of the office I answer your emails shortly after you receive the “out-of-office” message…I have even had people reply, “I’ll wait,” when they received the automated response.  But for the next couple of weeks I am overbooked with travel, classes, meetings, and other things, so DON’T WAIT!  If you have a code question, contact your local ACE (Allegion Code Expert).  You can find the list by clicking the orange ball in the right sidebar.  They will be able to answer much more quickly, AND they have knowledge of the state and local code requirements that I do not.

I saw this product in the DFW Airport, and it’s already filed under “things I wish I had invented.”  Maybe I’ve been under a rock (or avoiding Covid) for too long but this was the first time I came across tooshlights.  I even love the name!  As someone who regularly visits women’s restrooms, and has spent the last 20 years trying to get 3 kids ushered through the process quickly and without accidents or meltdowns, I REALLY appreciate this application.

I wonder about other ways this technology could be used.  Any ideas?


Here’s a news story that shows how tooshlights work:

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