My kids are well trained.  Not to pick their clothes up off the floor or wash their dirty dishes, mind you, but after 13 years of taking iDigHardware readers along on vacation, they are very responsive when I ask them to help me find a door to share here.  I can’t even name all of the places we have visited since it all began with Chip Falcon’s Road Trip in 2009.  I couldn’t leave iDigHardware unattended, so I drove thousands of miles (Massachusetts to Florida and back) with 3 kids and a Falcon panic device in the car, blogging along the way.

This week I am in Massachusetts, and my family came along to attend a wedding before I head out to teach some code classes.  Yesterday morning we were walking to the coffee shop and I mentioned that I was looking for doors to post on iDigHardware.  Their first suggestion was an exterior door with a key box, which allows firefighters access to a building if needed.  I think it could be beneficial for these boxes to be accessible by law enforcement as well, and I wrote about this a few years ago.

The kids’ next suggestion was to check out the First Church in Plymouth, which they had just heard about at the Visitors Center in town.

The arches and columns surrounding the entrance are beautifully detailed:

The doors and the glass transom are also gorgeous:

But wait – are those ring pulls upside down?  Is this door opening the earliest known candidate for Fixed-it Friday?

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