Marc Zolner of Allegion sent me today’s Wordless Wednesday photo, taken in a sports facility.  For whatever reason, this type of building is a common location for non-code-compliant exits.  How many problems do you see?

Marc asked about the snow that could potentially interfere with the operation of the door, and here’s what the International Fire Code says:

1032.3 Obstructions. A means of egress shall be free from obstructions that would prevent its use, including the accumulation of snow and ice.

The IFC Commentary says:

Accumulations of snow and ice could prevent timely exiting from the building in the case of fire or other emergencies. Generally, if the exit is used regularly, the exit doorway area is kept free of ice and snow. Where a required exit is not used regularly, it may be necessary to protect the exit doorway area from the accumulation of ice and snow, either by construction of overhangs or enclosures, heated slabs or, where approved by the fire code official, by a reliable snow removal program that is aggressively enforced.

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