I know that many of you are in parts of the US where the recent snowfall and cold temps have been a challenge.  My old friend Chuck Gulla of Allegion sent me these photos, which reminded me to remind you to clear the snow from your exterior egress paths and make sure your exits function properly.  These doors were in the process of being cleared, but I thought you would enjoy the creativity of this Fixed-it Friday application.

I saw this photo first, and I couldn’t figure out why Chuck was sending it to me.  The panic hardware is the right length, the closers look ok, the removable mullion is missing a cylinder but it’s definitely not the first time I’ve seen that.  I would have specified dark bronze gasketing and closers, but that’s a personal preference.

Then I saw this photo, and had flashbacks to all of the times architects asked me to specify doors with other materials attached to them – wood planks, decorative plates, even brick (that was a hard no).

What do you think about this application?

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