I live just outside of Boston and I’m so tired of the cold winter weather we’ve had this year.  I went to a meeting last week and the entrance to the meeting room was from an interior corridor, but there was an exterior door at the end of the corridor nearby.  I noticed that the closer on the interior door had an allen wrench stuck in the adjustment valve.  I asked someone who worked in the facility why it was there (like I didn’t know), and he told me that they leave it there permanently because they have to adjust the closer every time the outside temperature gets above or below a certain point.  Otherwise, on cold days the interior door to the meeting room creeps closed, letting in the colder air from the corridor, and on warmer doors the door slams shut.  LCN‘s all-weather fluid (supplied standard), would have helped here…it will maintain the same viscosity for temperatures between 120 degrees F and -30 degrees F, so seasonal adjustment is not required.

That is…unless you’re in a part of the world where the closer could be subjected to temperatures less than -30 degrees…like this door in Canada.  I’m guessing the closer adjustment is probably the least of their worries.  But if it’s -29 degrees, the fluid in this LCN closer should flow freely just like on a summer day!  Then again, why would you even want to open the door when it’s that cold?  Stay inside and wait for spring!

Polar Vortex  Polar Vortex

These photos were sent by Alec Walsh of Allegion, and 5 other Allegion employees.  🙂

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