I know that I have written about this before, but…I’m going to keep talking about it until everybody hears me.  It might take a while.

Did you sleep with your bedroom door closed last night?  I did, and so did everyone in my immediate family.  People have their reasons for wanting to leave their bedroom doors open, but once you learn about the protection offered by a closed bedroom door, it’s hard to justify keeping it open for pets who want to prowl the house at night, to hear the kids when they have bad dreams or need another glass of water, or because someone is afraid of the boogie man and wants the hall light to shine in.  “Close Before You Doze” is something we should be teaching our kids at least as early as “stop, drop, and roll,” if not earlier.

The other day, I read today’s Wordless Wednesday article in the Metter Advertiser.  Here’s an excerpt:

A closed door. That’s what stood between an infant and a raging inferno. And because that door was closed, firefighters had an opportunity to do what needed to be done … and a baby’s life was spared.

According to fire reports, Metter Fire-Rescue was called to 540 SW Broad Street around 1:30 in the morning on May 21. With the call of the structure fire came the frightening news that an infant was still inside the home, trapped in a front bedroom.

Firefighter Juwan Taylor and Captain Wes Douglas entered the home and began a search. Taylor found the infant lying in a bed under covers. The child was passed out the window to firefighters who rushed him to Candler County EMS, which was on the scene.

“The closed door made all the difference,” said Douglas.

According to Chief Jason Douglas, an adult had tried to rescue the baby, but was unable and, as a last resort, pulled the door shut, providing a barrier between the infant and the flames.

A 4-month old baby is alive today because someone pulled the door closed and gave the firefighters time to rescue him.  So…did you sleep with your bedroom door closed last night?  If not, why not?

Learn more at UL’s site: Close Before You Doze.

Photos: Crystal Dalgard

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