These Fixed-it Friday photos are also contenders for Wordless Wednesday.  Steve Quinn of The Flying Locksmiths sent me these photos of a pair of doors leading to the pool area of a hotel.  When he mentioned the problem to hotel staff, he was told that the privacy latches had been installed because their security staff had been reduced.

Some of the doors have exit signs, and they are serving the hotel lobby and a large multi-room conference area – probably assembly space.  Remember, even if a door opening is not required in order to accommodate the calculated occupant load, the IBC requires the door to be code-compliant if it is provided for egress purposes.  All of the doors serving this area are supposed to allow free egress, unless it is clear that they are NOT exits – and the plan is approved by the AHJ.

These doors would be nearly impossible to open in an emergency – until the latches broke or came off the doors.

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