Parents of middle schoolers at the W.F. Burns Middle School in Valley, Alabama, received the letter below asking them to send a canned food item to school for use as part of their school security plan.  I’m going to keep Wordless on this one, so I can hear the opinions of all y’all.

Alabama Burns Middle School Letter

The responses on Facebook to the story from ABC 33/40 are varied:

Peas and Corn 2 Peas and Corn 1 Peas and Corn 5 Peas and Corn 4 Peas and Corn 6 Peas and Corn 3

What do you think??

Follow-Up:  Several of the Facebook comments mentioned arming teachers and staff (with guns, not cans) as a school security tactic.  I thought this re-enactment of the Charlie Hebdo incident with one of the employees being armed was interesting.  I don’t really want go down most of the rabbit holes this discussion could lead to, but the experiment makes me wonder about the effectiveness of arming teachers so I figured I’d share the link.

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