I admit, most of my posts on iDigHardware may not be extremely interesting to the general public.  The technical articles are important information for those of us involved in specifying, supplying, and/or installing door openings, but my teenager used some of them to practice for the reading section of the SAT exam.  😐  The photos that we find hilarious or horrific usually elicit a confused response from “regular people,” and the code reference guide is not on the NYTBS list (yet).

This post is an exception, and I hope you will share it with the people you care about.  These two videos hit my inbox recently, and they WILL save lives.  First, I have written about UL’s Close Before You Doze campaign before, but I LOVE this new video:

Second, I have also written about the dangers of double-cylinder deadbolts in residential homes. I hope this news story makes people think twice about the safety concerns associated with this security practice:

Who will you share this information with?  Use the social media buttons below, and you could save someone’s life.

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