Last week I posted a Wordless Wednesday video sent to me by Eyal Bedrick of Entry Systems Ltd. in Israel.  The video showed an all-glass door exploding into a zillion pieces when the door opened against the sidelight.  Several people asked me how to solve the problem that led to the exploding door – the problem being a lack of door control and auxiliary stop.  All-glass doors are tough to retrofit – especially doors without top rails.  On the doors in the video, there was no top rail to install an overhead stop or a closer to replace the floor closer.

When Eyal saw the questions about how to address the door in the video, he reminded me of a photo that he sent me back in 2009, of some all-glass doors in a hotel near the Dead Sea:

These doors had a similar problem, and Eyal used LCN 2010 closers with a special template to add door control.  The craziest part is – I first got to know Eyal when I posted a photo of “what not to do” earlier in 2009, when iDigHardware was only about a month old and was getting less than 50 visits per day.  That photo showed a concealed closer that appeared to be mounted incorrectly (the photo is here).  Somehow Eyal saw that photo posted on iDH, recognized the project, and contacted me to say that the installation in the original photo was not a mistake – it was just missing the custom cover plate.

So there’s your answer to the Wordless Wednesday video from last week – call Eyal and he’ll give you some ideas.  😀

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