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Dec 13 2017

WW: Whoa.

Category: Door Closers,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:42 am Comments (10)

Eyal Bedrick of Entry Systems Ltd. sent me this Wordless Wednesday video.  This is one of the reasons good door control is important!


10 Responses to “WW: Whoa.”

  1. rb says:

    So what is the solution? There’s obviously a floor closer that was overcome by wind, but it’s not like these doors can be outfitted with an overhead stop.

  2. Paul N says:

    air curtain

  3. Fred Rudiger says:

    O yes, I have had to help out on two set of doors that the wind took them flying. The architect went to all glass sliding doors. You can have an overhead stop but you need full top rail at the top of the door and then you need a transom rail about the glass door. Then you can use an overhead stop and hang them on center hung floor closer. Wish we had Dor-O-Matic floor closers back.

  4. Jim Elder says:

    Lori. Has any manufacturer addressed this issue. It also occurs when stacking pressure is too high. Maybe a “Smart” closer. I know the issues are not simple, but I am always looking for a solution to this problem.

  5. Eric says:

    Note that the top rod and latch stayed connected to the device even after the crash.

  6. Daniel Poehler says:

    Could they have been fitted with an overhead stop? They just were not. A balance door would be easier for a floor closer to control – less stress. There’s always a floor stop that may present a trip hazard and nuisance maintenance, but that’s better than glass shatter.

  7. Domenic Lobello says:

    Architects should consider function and practicality before aesthetics
    An Unframed Herculite door is an extremely poor choice for an exterior entrance
    The only way this might door might be better controlled is with an offset pivot articulated closer but they are expensive

  8. Khozema Kazi, AHC, FDAI says:

    …a glass panel door fitted with Exit Device not meant for it? Strange!!

  9. Dana L. Lee, CML, CPS says:

    Now the little girl worries everyone thinks she broke it.

  10. Domenic LoBello says:

    I’d like to amend my earlier post. When I said “articulated” closer I was really referring to a balanced door closer where the door swings in an offset ellipse instead of a normal radius.
    These doors have a great deal of control and are much less likely to catch in the wind.
    Since these closers are actually built-in with the door and header (and only by three manufacturers that I could find) they are much more costly than a standard closer.

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