Instead of maintaining the fire exit hardware on this pair of fire doors, the rods and most of the latches were removed and an exit alarm was installed.  The most disturbing part is that there are doors like this EVERYWHERE…fire doors and egress doors that will no longer perform as designed, tested, and required by code, because of lack of maintenance or improper modifications.  And without widespread adoption of the fire and egress door inspection requirements, we’re left to address these problems one door at a time.  In each fatal fire the main focus seems to always be on sprinklers, but compartmentalization is key to preventing the spread of smoke and flames.  It goes without saying that code-compliant egress is a life safety feature which can’t be compromised.

Great quote…

“We should never rely on a single fire protection feature any more than we would rely on just the air bag or the antilock brakes in our cars. The air bag is a great invention and definitely saves lives, but we still need our seatbelts.”  Chris Jelenewicz

Fire Door with Problems

Thank you to David Seeley of Clark Security Products for the photo!

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