Upside Down Lever Trim

This lever is not a code problem (although the astragal probably is – thanks Lee!), but the hand of the dummy lever should have been changed in the field so it didn’t have to be installed upside down.ย  Here’s how you do it (it’s easy!):

Trim Instructions

Our installation instructions are available on – click the Support tab, the brand, and the type of support you need (catalogs, parts manuals, templates, installation instructions).ย  I was just saying yesterday that in the Olden Days I used to be the one faxing this information to all of our New England customers, so I’m glad you all can find it on your own now!

Thanks to Eric Hirning of Intermountain Lock for the photo!

I still have some Allegion travel mugs, so if you’d like one, go back to Monday’s post (We are Allegion!)ย and leave a comment about how this site has helped you at work!


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