More doors from my (local) travels…

This is the main entrance to a bar in Boston.  I guess it’s not considered a nightclub, or it would have to comply with the revised requirements for nightclubs in Massachusetts.  The three locks are not code-compliant regardless, but I wonder how the codes define a nightclub.  Anyone know?

This is a restaurant entrance pair and although they’re not necessarily a code problem, they’re hideous!  If the plates are holding the doors together, it’s time for new doors!

An inexpensive hold-open:

I never would have thought that a lock with an indicator would require so much explanation:

Here’s another bathroom door…6 stalls, panic hardware, and a deadbolt.  Why?

And finally, one of my favorite BBQ restaurants needs a longer panic device for its main entrance.  The door is more than 3′ wide, and the device that’s installed is for a 3′ door.  Since the codes require the actuating portion of the device to be at least half the width of the door, this one isn’t wide enough.

I see interesting doors every day, so stay tuned for more!

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